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Taubenabwehr mit Edelstahlspikes
Bird Spikes
Taubenspikes aus Polycarbonat
Bird Spikes with Polycarbonatborder
Taubenabwehr mit Drahseilsystemen
Wire Systems
Taubenabwehr mitTaubennetzen aus Punktschweißgittern und Wellengittern
Safety Nettings
and Stainless Steel Nettings
Taubenabwehr mit Elektrosystemen
Shock Systems
Wellengitter und Einfassprofile
Corrugated Gutter
Taubenabwehr mit Drahseilsystemen
Welded Wire Mesh
Sonstige Vogelabwehrsysteme (Daddy Long Legs)
Other Bird Deterrent Systems
(Daddy Long Legs)


For many years we have been dedicated to the development and the worldwide distribution of pigeon-deterrent products. This wealth of experience has enabled us to present the finest and most reliable bird defense products available. E-Steel products provide the ultimate pest control and pigeon deterrent solutions with easy installation

Visit the following sites where we present our top rated pigeon deterrent products: Bird Deterrence Spikes and Bird Nettings, Bird Wires, Shock Systems, Hardware and Accessories, Welded Wire Mesh, Safety Nettigns, Stainless Steel Wires, Stainless Steel Nettings, Bird Spikes of Polycarbonat, Nylon Nettings, Gabions and Corrugated Gutter

E-Steel warehouses all its products thereby insuring immediate worldwide delivery.

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