Shock system pest control

Shock system pest control
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Shock system pest control

Shock System Kit 100 m. includes:

stainless steel rod 2.0 mm / 1,5 m length V4A 134 pieces
plastic poles ( UV- protected ) 300 pieces
connection spring: V2A 200 pieces
connection casing 3 x 30 mm aus copper oder V2A 30 pieces
wire casing 5 x 7 mm copper oder V2A 25 pieces

The Product
Continuously mild electric jolts changes the birds behavior without harming them. The sleek and low-profile design, makes it easy to install on parapets, window sills, railings, balkonies and narrow spaces. U.V. protected plastic poles are holding the stainless steel rods ( 2,00 mm).

Easy installation with special adhesive.

The shock system is 25 mm wide and covers a landing strip of 100 mm.


The Principle
Jolts are generated from a small power box. Off-load voltage is 6,7 KV, max. voltage 8,0 KV. 500 ohm voltage = 3,8 KV.
Jolts won't harm birds just changes behavior.

The Installation
Plan at least 2 days for installation:
1st Day: Thouroughly clean surface. Surface has to be grease- and dust-free.
Install plastic poles with EStahl's special adhesive 30 cm apart (= 3 poles per 1 m).
No need for screws or anchors.
2nd Day: Snap niro-rods into poles and connect to generator.
Mount the power box to face south if installed in the northern hemisphere or to face north if installed in the southern hemisphere.Run your Twinwire from the power box to the place where the first rod is to be fitted. You must use lead-out wire which has a minimum 7500 volt insulation.
When the first section of rods has been fitted, either by crimping the wire to the rod using a crimp or preferably by exposing the copper twinwire and inserting it into a terminal block as shown in the picture. Turn the power on and check the voltage by testing at the power box with a digital voltage tester.

EStahl Shock System may be installed by trainend personell ONLY! EStahl is not liable for malfunction or damage if installed by untrained personell.

Shipping time: ca. 1-3 Days
Product no.: W3500
617,38 EUR
19 % VAT incl. excl. Shipping costs
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